So I’m currently under a lot of pressure.

I’m dreaming of studying abroad after my High School Graduation, which will be in Summer 2015. I want to study Journalism and Creative Writing at an U.S College.

That’s why I have to study my ass off at the moment, but hey it works out!

I’m getting an A in maths, german and business case studies. I’m getting two C’s on my report and eight B’s.

Not the best GPA, but it’s a good start, I think. This Is what I want to do and I’m trying my best to get good grades.

At the same time I’m in contact with about 98 U.S. Colleges and 20 Colleges from NZ, UK and Canada.

Yep, that’s a lot. I’m writing emails and I’m getting emails and mails on a daily basis from them, which is actually pretty cool.

A few days ago, I received an email from a certain College in the United States.

Just in case you didn’t know, I’m a huge TFIOS and john Green fan, so I looked up his Wikipedia page, cause I wanted to know more about his other books. So while I was on his Wikipedia page, something caught my eye.

That certain College from the U.S. is the same College that John Freaking Green went to!!! Can you imagine what an outburst I had? Like the College that one of my favorite authors went to is interested in me!!! I freaked out!

So basically I had a pretty good week.

Tomorrow will be a cool day, my first two lessons were cancelled, in the third and fourth lessons we are going to watch a movie and in my last two lessons we will order piiiizzzaaaa !

After school I will take a nap at home, do some writing and I still need to work on the birthday present for my friend.

At 6pm. I’m meeting my friend at the movies, we are going to watch TFIOS again!!

At first she didn’t want to go, cause she bawled her eyes out at the premiere, but I kind of forced her, well now I have to pay for her cinema ticket 😀 But it’s worth it!

On Saturday I have to work, but afterwards I wanted to start my new book.

If I stay.

Well actually I bought three new books.

If I stay. Eleanore & Park. Severed head, broken hearts (also known as “the beginning of everything”).

But I decided to read If I stay first, since the movie is going to be released in august, and I promised my friend to go see it with her.

And then next week is my last week of school before my 6-weeks-summer-vacation, yaay!

OMG, i’m going to be a Senior in August 😮

On Monday I have school from 8am-11.15 am, Tuesday is a so called “Study-Day” where the teacher discuss our grades and we can stay home!

I can’t wait for summer.

Summer means, time, time means writing and writing means passion.