“Speak” is an American independent drama based on the novel by Laurie Halse Anderson, that was published in 1999. It stars Kristen Stewart as Melinda Sordino.


The movie is about Melinda Sordino, who is raped by one of her classmates at a party, the summer before her freshman year of high school starts. Melinda calls 911, but gets scared and leaves the party.  She remains silent and sinks into depression, since her friends won’t talk to her anymore. As Melinda’s depression deepens, she begins to skip school, withdrawing from her already distant parents and her teachers, who see her silence as means of getting “attention”. She later befriends her classmate David Petrakis, who encourages her to speak up for herself.

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Review: I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of the book, but when I read a book I just have to watch the movie. So after I finished the book, I gave it a shot. In my opinion, the movie wasn’t bad, but it was nothing special either. Kristen Stewart is a good actress, but I am not a huge fan of her. I know that she played Melinda before “Twilight” happened, but to me, she will always be pathetic Bella Swan, who tried to kill herself, just because her boyfriend left her. So acting wasn’t bad, but I think the movie was to plain. Like the book, they didn’t go very far into the whole “Rape” thing. Obviously, rape is nothing nice to talk about, but I think when you write a book about it, or make a movie about is, you need more emotions. I get that Melinda was really depressed and didn’t talk to anyone about it. But to me it seemed so “yeah I was raped, how ya doing?” The worst scene for me was, in the book and in the movie, when she told her friend that she was raped. She just wrote on a piece of paper, like it was no big deal. Maybe some people deal with rape like that, but I think in a movie you should show how it can destroy a person. So in my opinion, there were to little emotions. The movie was over pretty fast and it didn’t relly touch me. I did like Michael Angerano, who played her classmate David. David tells Melinda to speak up, to say what’s on her mind, I really liked his attitude. But I liked the book David better than the movie David. But that’s not Michael’s fault, he didn’t have many scenes, they cut a lot out, which kinda sucked. I was really impressed with Robert John Burke’s performance. He played the teacher Mr. neck, who is kind of racist and really mean to Melinda. He just assumes that Melinda behaves so bad for attention. Burke really nailed his role.

What I disliked the most about the move was the cheesy Voiceover. Guys, it’s a movie a bout rape, not an Adam Sandler movie.

I still like the concept of the topic, they just didn’t implement it very well and I think that the book was just better than the movie. Kristen Stewart was a good choice for Melinda, she nailed the whole “Quiet, depressed, not talking” thing, but she’s still Bella to me.

I give the movie 4,5 out of 10 Points. I gave the book 5 out of 10 points.

I would usually give the movie 4 out of 10 points but the 0,5 points go to Robert John Burke, who nailed his role. He also gets the 0,5 points because he played badass “Bart Bass” on my all time favorite TV-Show “Gossip Girl”. And if the voiceover hadn’t been that ridiculous, I would’ve given the movie 5 out of 10 as well.

You can find the full movie on Youtube, if you want to check out the trailer you can click HERE.