“Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes



“The story is about 26-year old Louisa who comes from a poor family. Her grandfather, who had a stroke and needs someone to look after him 24/7, lives with her and her family in a small flat. Her father doesn’t earn much from his job and her sister can’t provide much money either, since she has a child. After Louisa loses her job, she is forced to take a job as a carer. She is hired by Mrs Trainor. She is the mother of 37-year old Will Trainor. He has been paraplegic ever since he was involved in a horrible accident 2 years ago. He can move his head, and he can barely move one of his hands. The fact that he will never recover from the accident has left Will depressed and angry. He is extremely mean to Louisa when they first meet and immediately dislikes her. The feeling is mutual and Louisa is really close to quitting the job, and she probably would’ve, if her family didn’t need the money so bad. So she stays with Will and slowly they start to get used to each other. What Louisa doesn’t know yet, is the real reason why she was hired for the job. But she is about to find out.”

First of all I have to say, that I didn’t buy this book. It was birthday present from my super duper friend (Hi Isabell!). To be honest, the only reason I read it in the first place, was because she gave it to me. I probably wouldn’t have bought it myself. The summary on the back of the book seemed kind of cheesy, another cliché story. But then I read the book and it knocked me off my socks.  Compared to the other books I’ve recently read, this one was pretty thick. My copy has about 481 pages and I read it in one day. Took me 6 hours to read it, because I was not able to put it aside. The book got me hooked, I had to read on and on, I just HAD to know what was gonna happen next.

This book really surprised me. Will’s fate is extremely horrible. I can completely understand why he is so miserable, no one deserves to live like that. So I read the book and it was full of emotions. There were scenes when I was laughing out loud, scenes that melted my heart & made me grin from ear to ear like an idiot. And then there were the scenes that broke my heart. I cried so much while reading this. It simply broke my heart. After I had finished the book, I sent my friend a voice note, asking her why in the world she bought me this book. And I did not only cry. I bawled my eyes out, I was sobbing like crazy and constantly screaming “NOOOOO.” out loud. It broke my heart. And here I thought John Green broke my heart with TFIOS & LFA. But nope, it was Jojo.

So, I really enjoyed reading this book. I’m still not completely over it, I still think about it every now and then, I just can’t let it go. This book is on a John Green level, so if you’re a masochist like me & like to get your heart broken, this is your book. This is not a typical romance novel with a happily ever after. It’s realistic. And I really liked that. I also fell in love with Jojo’s writing style, so I can only recommend this book!

After I had finished the book, I made another voice note to my friend, telling her how I could literally see some of the scenes in my head. And then I thought, hey, this should be a movie. So I googled it and realized, the book is currently being adapted!

Beautiful Emilia Clarke is playing the lead role Louisa Clark, which filled me with so much happiness. I absolutely love her, I am a huge GoT fan.

Sam Claflin is playing the role of Will Traynor. Do I need to say more?

And then another name caught my eye. In the book, Lou has a boyfriend, Patrick. And then I read that Matthew Lewis was gonna play that role. And I was like ‘Yeah okay, Matthew Lewis’. And then I was like ‘Matthew Lewis?’ aaaaand then I was like ‘MATTHEW LEWIS!!!’ As in Matt Lewis, freaking Neville Longbottom. As a huge Potterhead I completely lost it when I finally realized it. I just freaked out.

The sad news is, ‘Me before you’ won’t be released until 3 June 2016. Yep, 2016. BOOOH!

But seriously, I am beyond excited for this movie. I am currently trying to talk all my friends into reading this too, I don’t wanna suffer alone. I already talked my brother’s gf into buying the book. HA!

This is to everyone who wants to read the book, or has already read it.


I was just adding “Me Before You” to my list on GoodReads when I saw “After You” below it. And I thought, whaaat is that?

So I googled it and had like the 3rd heart attack that day. Jojo Moyes is writing a sequel to it. So again, I completely lost it, got really hysterical and started crying again. I looked it up on amazon and saw that it won’t be released until 29 September 2015. I freaked out again, sent my friend some more voice notes, in which I am crying, telling her what a mean friend she is, cause seriously, this is aaaaall her fault. She thought me freaking out over a book was hilarious, she’s not into books. So good news is, it’s going to be released this autumn, bad news is, according to Amazon I have to wait til October 6. Yay me.

Screenshot (77)

So, this Book gets 10 out of 10 Stars.  It was one of the saddest books I’ve ever read & definitely one of my favorites.

On Kayleigh‘s Scale: John green level +++ | amazing | fab | great | good | meh | bad | awful | crappy | the worst | twilight level 

I would say ‘Me Before You’ is a “John Green Level +++”