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Hey Guys! I was in the mood for another rubric & I thought this one was the most intereting for you! I hope you enjoy reading!

Current book:


  • Zac & Mia by A.J. Betts
  • Started reading on: June 6
  • Progress: page 175 of 310
  • First published: July 2014
  • I bought it in September 2014 at ‘bookdepository’

Summary: “In the hospital preparing for a bone marrow transfusion, Zac, who is suffering from leukemia, is isolated from everyone but his mother and the nurses. The rest of his family is hours away at home. He knows his illness is stressful for them, and he can’t bear to see them suffer.
Zac’s Mom refuses to leave him alone, so he is spending every day with her, which kind of annoys him. When a new patient, Mia who is Zac’s age, moves into the room next to his, he wants to know everything about her. Why is she here? Who is she?                                                                                                                                 So one day Zac and her begin conversing through Facebook messaging. He finds out that she is suffering from a tumor in her ankle. Zac is kind of obsessed with studies statistics related to death (he can tell you, for example, how many people died by falling into a vat of glue). That’s why Zac knows that Mia’s cancer has a far more promising outcome than his, and he’s trying to cheer her up by telling her that she’s gonna be okay, which pisses Mia off.
Even though Zac’s chances to get better aren’t as good as Mia’s, but yet he’s hopeful.  Zac truly believes that as bad as his statistics are, he will survive.

Mia feels none of Zac’s optimism. She is despondent, blames her mother, and doesn’t know how to cope. For all of Zac’s sunny cheer, Mia is dark, closed off, moody and surly. She denies her illness to one and all, and she is convinced she has been handed a death sentence. There is no reason, she believes, for her to have any hope whatsoever.
Despite how bleak she feels, she finds herself as drawn to Zac as he is to her, even though they have no physical contact.

When the two return to their homes, hours apart, they can’t stop thinking about each other.”

So right now, I finished half of the book. I usually read a book within one day, but for some reason I didn’t finish this one so quickly. As soon as I finish it, I will write a proper review about it!

Like I said, I bought it back in September 2014, right after I read ‘LfA’ by John Green (I had to read it after finishing Tfios!).                                                        I had googled some books ‘that you should read after reading John Green’. And this one seemed promising. So far I think, it’s not THAT similar to Tfios. The only thing the two books have in common, is that the two main characters have cancer & that they fall in love. But the characters are so different from Hazel & Gus! In the first part of the book, Mia is really mean and rude, nothing like Hazel or Gus, which is a good thing in my opinion.

I really liked it so far, I like the twisty & dark Mia. (hehe Grey’s reference)        To me she is the typical girl, who just got this terrible news. She was popular, athletic, had a boyfriend, everything. And then she got the news, cancer. She is so upset about it, she get’s angry because she doesn’t know how to deal with it. She takes her anger out on her Mother, the nurses and even on Zac! She seems authentic, I mean, of course she is upset and angry!! Who wouldn’t be? Mia is real. She is desperate, she has no hope and doesn’t understand why this is happening to her.

Zac is totally different, he is all optimistic and tries to cheer everyone up with his weird studies statistics about death.

I really enjoy reading it! I will try to finish it this week!                                       So I can only recommend this to people who enjoyed TFIOS, John Green books in general, of this kind of YA books that deal with difficult love stories.

I hope you enjoyed reading this & I promise you a review of this book as soon as I’ve finished it ! 🙂

Have a great day! 🙂