‘Zac & Mia’ by A.J. Betts

“In the hospital zacpreparing for a bone marrow transfusion, Zac, who is suffering from leukemia, is isolated from everyone but his mother and the nurses. When a new patient, Mia who is Zac’s age, moves into the room next to his, he wants to know everything about her. Why is she here? Who is she?                                                                         

So one day Zac and her begin conversing through Facebook messaging. He finds out that she is suffering from a tumor in her ankle. Zac is kind of obsessed with studies statistics related to death (he can tell you, for example, how many people died by falling into a vat of glue). That’s why Zac knows that Mia’s cancer has a far more promising outcome than his, and he’s trying to cheer her up by telling her that she’s gonna be okay, which pisses Mia off.

Even though Zac’s chances to get better aren’t as good as Mia’s, but yet he’s hopeful.  Zac truly believes that as bad as his statistics are, he will survive.

Mia feels none of Zac’s optimism. She is despondent, blames her mother, and doesn’t know how to cope. For all of Zac’s sunny cheer, Mia is dark, closed off, moody and surly. She denies her illness to one and all, and she is convinced she has been handed a death sentence. There is no reason, she believes, for her to have any hope whatsoever.
Despite how bleak she feels, she finds herself as drawn to Zac as he is to her, even though they have no physical contact.                                                                                                                   

When the two return to their homes, hours apart, they can’t stop thinking about each other.”

I finished this book last week and I really liked it. I guess what I liked most was, that the book is ‘real’. It’s authentic.

Mia is all dark & twisty, she doesn’t know how to deal with her tumor. She is angry all the time and is very mean to everyone who tries to come near her. After she is released from hospital, she steals money from her mother and runs away from home. It’s her way of dealing with things.

My favorite part of the book was the ending. I LOVED the ending. The book in general was good, but nothing more than good. But the ending was good. Like the characters, the book was realistic. Life doesn’t always have a happy end, and I like that.

But unlike in John Green books, not everyone dies in this book, which I liked too. It was realistic, but not too dramatic.


Like I mentioned neiher Zac nor Mia dies in the book, which made me really happy! But what I liked most was, that it wasn’t a cliché happy end.

Zac and Mia fall in love and share some sweet moment, but they don’t REALLY end up together.

At the end of the Book, Mia and Zac are still texting each other. Zac tells Mia that he’s in  the USA (the story takes place in Australia) and that he sends her postcards from every city he visits.

What Mia doesn’t know is, that Zac is at home, fighting against his cancer that unfortunately came back. He doesn’t want her to worry about him, so he tells her that he’s in the USA. But of course, Mia finds out the truth. She learns that his cancer has come back and she visits him at home.

That’s where my favorite scene happened.

Mia is standing in front of Zac’s bedroom door.

 “Zac,”I say.


His voice is closer than I expected.


“I’m writing you a postcad.”

“From where?”


“What’s it like?”

“It’s snowing.”

“Yeah?” I slide to a crouch so I’m closer to the voice. “What else?”

“Did you know the Old Hanock Tower flashed red when a Red Sox game has been rained out?”

“I didn’t know that.” I don’t care if he’s plagiarizing Wikipedia. Is his make-believe such a bad thing? “Seen any celebrities?”

“Not yet.”

“Can I read it?”

“When it’s done.”

“I’ll wait,” I say. And I do, leaning in to the door that seperates his world from this one. I picture him in Boston, getting lost in the city with his family. Tracking down warm restaurants. He’s making snow angels with Bec. He’s running away from Evan’s snow missiles, laughing and dogding like a half-forward flank is supposed to.”

That scene really got to me. Throughout the book, it was always Zac who was the strong one. Always being positive, trying to cheer everyone up. But when his cancer comes back, he loses hope. And this time it’s Mia who saves him from the darkness, cheering him up.

I think it’s amazing, how hard Zac tried to keep Mia ‘save’. He didn’t want her to worry about him, so he lies.

So, this Book gets 7 out of 10 Stars. It was a great book, but only the last part really got to me.

On Kayleigh‘s Scale: John green level +++ | amazing | fab | great | good | meh | bad | awful | crappy | the worst | twilight level 

I would say ‘Zac & Mia’ is a “great”

Definitely worth reading!