Apology + Changes

Hey! First of all I wanna say that I am super sorry for the lack of posts. I just didn’t have any time to write something, which is really annoying me. I haven’t written any posts lately & I haven’t written anything for my stories in ages. The thing is, I have a job now. Yaaaay. I am working at a fashion store now, part-time, to save up some money for the college applications. The thing is, our team  consists of 5 people. 3 full-time workers & 2 part-time workers. 2 full-time workers got sick. I guess you can imagine how stressful that is. Let alone last week I had to work 10 extra hours! So I apologize for not posting anything!

But the main reason for this post is, that I want to make some changes.

27687-Its-Always-Time-To-ChangeI am thinking about changing the layout of my blog. I am not sure yet how, but I wanna change it.

And I also want to make some new rubrics for my blog. I have a few ideas, but of course I want to know what you guys are interested in.

I just did the ‘Extraordinary Means Tag’, and in that I talked a little bit about Mangas/Animes. I’d love to do a rubric about that topic. So if anyone is interested in that, let me know.

So tell me guys, what do you think about changing the layout of my blog?

I want to know what you guys want to read, what rubrics you would like to see.

I’d be very happy if you guys left some comments with your honest opinions. If I have some time, I will create a poll this weekend, that way you guys can vote what you want to read. I saw that at The Writing Hufflepuff‘s site, and I think a poll would be a great idea to change my blog with your help!

UPDATE: You can now vote for what you guys want to read right https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Wub2ZJu32gTZuTBxKIWZoDBypfNfqfhtxdoLjtYQkU0/viewform?embedded=true“>HERE

Thank You ! 🙂 ❤