Miserable and Magical

Hello dear people of the internet! My name is Kira & I am a 18-year old weirdo from Germany.k5

I blog under the name DeliriousDreams & there I post stuff about Movies, Books & other fangirl stuff 🙂 I’m really excited to be a part of the Bloguest 2015.               My first topic is “favorite book-to-film adaptation” and the moment I got this topic, I knew it would be about Harry Potter.

Why is Harry Potter my favorite book-to-film adaptation?


The answer to that is actually pretty easy. HP is awesome. There, I said it. No seriously. I don’t know how many of you guys know this, but I am from Germany. I live in a very small town, very german, very conservative. And I’ve never fit in here. The story of my life is the cliché “I was bullied as a kid, never fit in, was a nerd & bookworm” kinda story. And…

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