The Blogger’s Recognition Award


Thank you Michelle from The Writing Hufflepuff for nominating me & sorry that it took me so freaking long!!



  1. Select 15 other blogs to give the award to. You might have to do some searching, but you can find those blogs. You can’t nominate yourself or the person who nominated you.
  2. Make a post to show off your award! Talk about how your blog got started and give some advice to the other bloggers out there. And share the fancy picture!
  3. Comment on each blog to let the blogger know that you have nominated them.
  4. Link to the original post at Edge of Nightthat way anyway can find the original guidelines and such.

How I started my blog:

I think I created my blog about a year ago, but I didn’t really post anything back then. Mostly just a few short blog posts about the Story I was writing back then, but I didn’t officially started blogging until Spring 2015. I was always reading Kayleigh’s Blog and at some point I thought “That looks fun, I wanna do that as well.” So it’s basically Kayleigh’s fault.

My advice:

I don’t think that I’m the best one to give any advices here. I suck at blogging. I wish I was more active, but unfortunately I can’t be. I’m working a lot, and when I am not at work, I’m in my bed sleeping. This situation makes me very unhappy, but right now I can’t change that. I am always trying to blog as often as I can. So I guess my advice would be, try to be active, post as often as you can & interact with other bloggers by commenting their posts. Twitter is also very helpful. I talk to a lot of bloggers on Twitter, we even have a little group chat which is very fun!

My nominees:

I am just going to break the rules here & not nominate anyone. It took me 2 months to write this, so I have no clue who has already been nominated for this and who has done this. But if you would like to do this, please feel nominated !! 🙂