Hello dear earthlings, non-earthlings & hello 2016!

I can’t believe it’s January 1st. 2016 went by so fast … Did it even happen? As far as I can tell (from my twitter timeline) 2015 was a weird year for almost everyone. To me, 2015 was a rough year. Lots of things happened, good things but also really reaaaally bad things.

In 2015, I turned 18, graduated from High School, applied to Universities abroad & got a job. Basically, everything changed. In 2015, I suddenly became an ‘adult’, or at least was expected to turn into one. I am really not an adult yet.  nope

It was definitely a hard year for me, so many things suddenly changed, and I simply wasn’t ready for those changes. Everything went so fast, too fast for me. But 2015 also had some good stuff in store for me. I started blogging, met so many nice people from the Blogsquad, had awesome trips to Zoo’s & Animal Parks with my Bestie and due to my job, I was able to spend all my money on Books & DVD’s 🙂 !!!!

For example, yesterday morning I got a message from the lovely Zin, telling me I had won her $25 BD Giveaway. I have never ever won anything in my life before! I was so excited!! I heard my Mom outsid eof my room, threw open my door and shouted “I WON A GIVEAWAY”. My at first didn’t believe me, like I said, I usually don’t win anything. I felt like I had just won an Oscar.








Despite how much my 2015 sucked, it still had a few nice moments. And I hope that 2016 will be a good year. A few days ago, there was a fun ‘game’ on Twitter, and I hope it’s a sign that 2016 will be awesome.

I turned to page 78 of “No and Me” by Delphine de Vigan. And I got “Behind it, jammes against a wall, was a pile of boxes, bags & blankets”. Kate said it could mean ‘moving out’ and it’s the first thing that came to my mind as well. I hope it’s a good sign! I am planning to move out in September to study abroad (if I get into Uni). Kayleigh also said ‘UNI’ when I sent her a screenshot 🙂  But the sentence she got was a little worrying 😮 I told Isabell to do this game as well, she got “I’ve been to a therapist before.”. Can’t say I’m surprised 😀 You guys should totally try this game, it’s fun 😀

What I wish will happen in 2016 & What I wish I will accomplish in 2016:

  • Get into University
  • Be able to quit the job I hate so much
  • Read 25 Books (I need suggestions for Books!)
  • Blog more!
  • Continue my Fictionpress Stories
  • My family member to get better soon!!!
  • Be unconditionally happy