Hey Guys! This is the post in which I compare the December Boxes from Owlcrate & The YA Chronicles.

I won’t review the boxes in this post, because I already did that. Owlcrate Review YA Chronicles Review

I would just like to list some pro’s & con’s of both Services, for those people who would like to subscribe to one of them.

I heard about Owlcrate via BookTubers. Owlcrate is pretty popular and hyped and stuff, so I really wanted to try it. But unfortunatly, I don’t have a credit card, so I wasn’t able to get one of their boxes. So I googled other Book Subscription Boxes and I stumbled upon the new-ish YA Chronicles Box from Australia!

Quick facts:


  • Costs $46.98 USD ( 43€, 32GBP, 67 AUD)
  • Offers Debit & Credit card for payment
  • No paypal
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Offers Tracking

YA Chronicles:

  • Costs 58.97 AUD (39€, 28 GBP, 42 USD)
  • Offers PayPal & Credit card for payment
  • Ships Worldwide
  • Does not offer Tracking
  • “Next-Day-Delivery” for Australian Subscribers

I have to say, I feel like Owlcrate is a tiny little bit overrated. Their box is cool, but it’s not as freakingly amazing as I thought it would be. It’s just my personal opinion, the box wasn’t really for me. YAC, on the other hand…. There wasn’t one thing in the box I didn’t like! Plus, there was a bookmark signed by the author of the book!! How cool is that!?

They both shipped super fast! It took about 2 weeks to get to Germany, which is really fast. Owlcrate is already out for me because of the credit card thing. I think it’s really sad that they don’t offer PayPal or something like that. Also, YAC is a liiiiittle bit cheaper! And I just liked the goodies way more! But that’s really just a personal taste here.

I did like the Tracking thing from Owlcrate. That way you always know, where your order is. But my YA Chronicles Box arrived so fast, that I can get over the fact that they don’t offer tracking.

I have already ordered the January Box from TYAC, and I am now waiting for Feb. Spots to open! So you can expect a few more “The YA Chronicles” posts from me!! HAHA! Oh, and in february, my “Illumicrate” Box will arrive, a QUARTERLY Book subscription Box from the UK!! YAAAY!

Let me know if you guys have any book subscription boxes, or if you prefer owlcrate! 🙂