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Hey Guuuuys! I actually wanted to write this post back in October, but then I decided not to. I will explain the reason for that in a second.

Today’s Post is about a Blind Date with a Book

I ordered my first blind dates ages ago, but I decided not to write about it until now. I actually wanted to have read at least one of the books before writing a review about this Service.

The title of this Service actually explains itself. You get a Book, but you don’t know which one. Because many people (and I am one of those people) judge books by their covers. If I don’t like a book cover, I sometimes don’t buy it. I’ve seen this a lot on Tumblr, which is why I decided to order from the store.

  • I ordered 2 blind dates on September 30 2015
  • They arrived on October 12 2015
  • BDWAB are based in Australia
  • I paid $50,20 AUD for 2 Books + Shipping to Germany
  • $50,20 AUD, 32€, 24GBP, 35USD
  • Shipping depends on where you live + which method you choose
  • I took the cheapest one, without tracking
  • I ordered one “normal” blind date & one “Completely” blind date

If you order a “normal” blind date, you get a few hints about the book. You will get a few words what the book is about, like “chick lit, funny, 1920’s” etc.

A “Completely” blind date looks like this.  complete.PNG

You fill out these Information & then the staff from BDWAB will choose a book for you 🙂

This is what I got:

The Book “No And Me” was my normal blind date. I liked the key words on it!

“Ada’s Rules” was my complete Blind Date which was chosen by the Staff! I also got two Bookmarks (you can see it in the picture, I got the same one twice)

So like I said, I didn’t want to write about this until I actually read one of the books. I haven’t read “Ada’s rules” yet, but I am almost done with “No And Me”. And what can I say? I am in LOVE with No And Me. I love it. A beautiful story about two girls from different worlds/socities and how they change each others lives. I am so happy I got this book, because I hadn’t heard of it before. But I can only recommend it. I should finish the book today, and I can’t wait to read “Ada’s Rules”

I also placed a new order today! I got myself 1x normal blind date with a book  + a totebag from the Bookshop. I paid 14,95 for the Book, 14,95 for Shipping & 7,95 for the bag                 = 37,85 AUD, 25€, 18GBP, 26USD

I was so happy with my first order that I couldn’t resist!! 🙂