Hey People! Today, I am doing the “Emoji Book Tag”. I was tagged by some ‘Kayleigh‘, whoever that Chick may be, I suppose she’s super awesome.

So if I got this right, I have to choose my 5 most-used emojis and then see which emoji fits to which book (!?).

So Let’s go!!

  1. Unamused / Annoyed: Ada’s Rules by Alice Randall


This was my second book from “A blind date with a book” and ugh!! I didn’t like it at all. The story was weird and Ada was a little pathetic to me. She thought her Husband was cheating, so she went on a diet to be attractive for him again. He didn’t even cheat on her, she should’ve just talked to him!? Plus, if your husband cheats, you don’t go on a diet. You fucking kick his ass.

2. Crying : Me Before You by Jojo Moyes


I don’t really wanna talk about this tbh, because I will just cry again. This book didn’t break my heart, it completely shattered my soul and my entire life. Plus my Mom was reeeeeaaally pissed, because I made her read it. Little quote: “I should’ve known that book was crap since you liked it.” She didn’t talk to me for a while.


3. Laughing with tears: Paper Towns by John Greenlaugh

I really laughed while reading Paper Towns. Ben Starling was hilarious, and Radar’s parents who collect Black Santas!! It was just super funny. I really enjoyed their bromance, and Ben, the little pervert…. How could you not love him?

4. Love: Dream a little dream by Giovanne Fletcher

loveI read the book last week, and ugh!!! Can I have a Brett please? He was so charming and funny and just!!!!!! I want that too. He was very supportive of Sarah, when she presented her ideas in the meetings, and he was also a big flirt. He was polite and just very dreamy. A dream guy. And if there’s like an Outlet where you can buy a Brett, please let me know. Or if you are a Brett, feel free to contact me.

5. Girl with her hands up (What is it called?): Harry Potter by J.K. RowlingFab

When I use this Emoji, it usually means “I’m so Fab” or “I’m so Fancy”. So what is a fab book? HARRY POTTER DUH!! I don’t have to explain this, do I? It’s the bible guys!


If you’d like to do this as well, please feel tagged!

I am tagging:

Zin @ Books’N’Feathers

Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff

Fiona @ Escape with Writing

Victoria @ VictoriaJaynesBooks

I don’t know if any of you guys has already done this + Please don’t feel obligated to do this!!