Hello Folks! Todaaaay I have another tag for you! I was tagged by Kayleigh to do the “Totally Should’ve Book tag” and I have a feeling that many of my answers will be similar to hers. I am tagging EVERYONE for this tag. So if you wanna do it, feel tagged.


1) A book that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE had a sequel

loveee.gifI am really bad at these tags. I can’t pick just ONE book. There should be a sequel to ‘Billy & Me’and to ‘Dream a little Dream’ by Giovanna Fletcher. I would also like to read a sequel to ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ (Yes I know there are two other books). Like a real Sequel. With only Anna & Étienne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t judge me, I have a crush on all three – Étienne, Billy & Brett. Sorry not Sorry.

2) A book/series that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE had a Spin-Off series

Harry Potter – Obvi.


3) An author who TOTALLY SHOULD write more books

Seriously guys, I am not able to answer this with just one answer:


Giovanna Fletcher

Delphine de Vigan

Robyn Schneider

4) A character who TOTALLY SHOULD’VE ended up with someone else

I honestely can’t think of anyone right now .. So far I’ve been very pleased.

5) A book/series that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE ended differently

“Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes. I am just gonna quote my Mom here:

“I THOUGHT SHE WAS GONNA SAVE HIM. WHAT IS THIIIIIIIS.”4e4f928c-9f3d-48d7-8838-670a9d338c66.gif

6) A book/series that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE had a movie franchise

I want all my Books to have a movie franchise. I love seeing the books come to life on a big screen. Buuuuut If I had to choose …. a Giovanna Fletcher Book.

7) A book/series that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE had a TV show

I think the Anna and the French Kiss series would make a fun TV Show!

8) A book/series that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE only have one point of view

Hmmmm …. maybe “Zac & Mia”. I think Zac’s POV alone would’ve been better.

9) A book/series that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE had a cover change

“Before I Fall” by Lauren Oliver. I have this strange thing …. I don’t like it when real-life people are on book covers. I prefer illustrated covers. #WeirdoAlert

10) A book/series that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE kept the original covers

Hm, again I can’t think of a book cover. Plus I mostly don’t know much about “which cover was the original one”.

11) A series that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE stopped at book #1

Anna and the French Kiss. I didn’t like Lola & Isla that much 😦 I would’ve enjoyed more Anna books! I just didn’t click with the other two books like I did with Anna.