Hello People!

If you follow my blog or my Twitter, you may have noticed that I am a casual Harry Potter Fan!

So, I recently turned 19 (WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN) and I celebrated it with my Bestie Isi. And today I would like to show you some of my presents, which were mostly bookish or Harry Potter related.

I got some really awesome stuff from Isi! She may not share my crazy love for HP, but she accepts me for the obsessed person I am.

She got me: A Horcrux Locket Necklace, a Timeturner Necklace, a Deathly Hollows Necklace & a Harry Potter Cookbook!!! (Hey Kayleigh, get ready for some HP cooking sessions!)

Here are some the reactions I had when I opened Isi’s presents:


From my parents I got the DVD ‘LOL’ (the French Originial), and 2 Books: ‘Meet me in Manhattan’ & ‘Everything Everything’. My brother & his fab girlfriend got me the book ‘Every Last Word’ & Gift Card for an Electronic Store with which I bought the ‘Palo Alto’ DVD & the ’10 things I hate about you’ DVD.

I honestly was so happy with all these amazing presents & the other non-related book stuff!