*Illumicrate does not sponsor this post, I paid for the Box & everything I say is my own honest opinion, I received a 10% discount from Illumicrate in exchange for an HONEST review on my blog*

Hey Guys! As I promised in my “The YA Chronicles” Review Post yesterday, I have another Review for you today! Today I am showing you guys the “Illumicrate February Box”

Illumicrate is a quarterly book subscription Box (it comes in November, February, May & August) and it’s from the UK! This was my first box from them and let’s just say that I freaking LOVED it! Before I give you the basic facts about Illumicrate, I wanted to mention that you can pay with PayPal, but you have to email the owner Daphne for that! If you go to the checkout on the website, you will only be able to pay with a Credit/Debit Card. So since I don’t have one, I emailed Daphne & she sent me an Invoice via PayPal (Thank you sooo much for that!) and I am sure she will do that for you as well!

Here are the facts:

  • Illumicrate is based in the UK
  • It’s a quarterly box
  • A Box costs £29.99 (38€, 43USD, 60AUD)
  • Shipping to the UK is FREE
  • Shipping Internationally costs between £4.99 – £13.99
  • Costs for a Box + Shipping to Germany £29.99 +  £4.99
  • I got a 10% discount (£3)
  • Total price: £31,98
  • It was shipped on Feb 12 & arrived on Feb 19
  • It comes along with a tracking number!

As I said, I am really in love with the Box! I already emailed Daphne about sending me an invoice for the May Box because I NEED IT. I guess if there was one thing I ‘disliked’ was, that the Book is from a Series. But I think the Book from my TYAC Box is from a Series as well. I don’t mind it that much, it’s the only criticism I could find!! I just love the box too much to find any real criticism. There were sooo many goodies in there, and so many useful things!

2016-02-19 12.26.26

That is the Box, and in the Box were the following fab things:

  1. The Card that explains what is in the Box
  2. Truthwitch by Susan Dennard
  3. A HANDMADE Pouch by Elena Illustration. (Girl if you really handmade that… bless your soul!) Why is everyone so freaking creative but me !? – Anyway, The Pencil Pouch is sooo pretty & I will definitely use it for when I go to Uni!
  4. LoveBoat Set by BeeDoo – Freaking cute magnetic Bookmarks! The “I Ship it” one is my new fav. bookmark!
  5. A Darker Scent of Magical Candle by Simple Candle Co – In my Owlcrate December Box was a Coffee Bean Candle that I really disliked, so I was reeeaaally glad that this Candle didn’t have a heavy smell. It smeels like fresh bed lining. Very Nice!
  6. Bookish Quote Pencils by Pobble and Ping – They are so freaking pretty, I don’t even want to use them.
  7. Threadsisters Bookmark by DayDreaming Designs – exclusive Bookmark inspired by Truthwitch! very cool!

Those were the official goodies… BUT! THERE’S MORE! This Box contained some EXTRA Goodies!!

  1. A Totebag inspired from “The It Girl” by Katy Birchall
  2. A signed Bookplate (It’s a sticker) by the Author of the Book “truthwitch”
  3. A Note from the Author to Illumicrate Subscribers
  4. A lemonade Recipe
  5. Two Button Pins
  6.  A few additional Bookmarks

SO MANY THINGS!! It’s an amazing Box! I know it’s a little bit more expensive than The YA Chronicles (even though they are from Australia) but considering how many things Daphne put into this Box (and that many many things were handmade) I think it’s 100% worth the price!

And I can’t wait to get my May Invoice!!  Anyway, sorry for the long rant, here are your pictures!