*Wordery does not sponsor this post, everything I say is my own honest opinion, I paid for everything myself*

Hey Guys! Today I will share my experience with the Bookshop WORDERY with you.

I have to admit that I didn’t know Wordery existed, until a friend told me about it. I used to buy most books from Amazon or BookDepository. But I don’t really want to support Amazon, I am not a fan of how they treat their workers and I had some really REEEEAAALLY big problems with BD lately! My Mom ordered a book for me (for Christmas) on November 22 from BD. Shipping to Germany is supposed to take 4-8 working days but on December 15, my book still hadn’t arrived. We got our money back, bought the book somewhere else and then suddenly… On december 23 (!!!) my book arrived. And sadly, this has happened 3 times again this year. So obvi, I was pissed AF and then Zin told me about a bookshop she had heard of. Wordery.

Wordery is a bookshop based in the UK and they ship FREE Worldwide and you can pay with PayPal. (Fab!) A few days after I placed my order, I got my shipping confirmation and my books got depatched seperately. I have to admit, that scared me at first, because that’s what BD does too. It said that my books would arrive within 4-11 working days.

These are the books I bought from Wordery:

The first One arrived after 6, other other after 8, working days. So perfectly in time AND in perfect condition! (Which is surprising since our postman thought it would be cool to aggressively press the packages through the mailbox slit.)


Now, I would like to compare the books (the prices) with other bookshops. When I first looked at the Wordery Website (Which is really nice), I noticed that some books on there are more expensive than on BD or Amazon. But being the lucky B that I am, my books were cheaper on Wordery than anywhere else. HA!

“Thousand Cranes” 

On Wordery: 9,61€ (7,60GBP; 10,80USD; 14AUD)

On Amazon:13,60€ (10,80GBP; 15,34USD; 19,87AUD)

On BD: 13,24€ (10,51GBP; 14,94USD; 19,34AUD)

“Some Prefer Nettles”

On Wordery:  8,10€ (6,43GBP; 9,14USD; 11,83AUD)

On Amazon: 10,05€ (7,98GBP; 11,34USD; 14,68AUD)

On BD:  10,04€ (It’s 1 cent different, so about the same prices as on Amazon)

So, as you can see I saved some money ! About 6€! I mean !?! I could buy a book for 6€! So I am super impressed with Wordery and I think I will order from them from now on. The free shipping worldwide is a plus, sure it takes about a week for delivery, but I don’t mind. At least they arrived! Plus they’re cheaper & I got free bookmarks! Like I said, my books were send out seperately, so I received 2 Bookmarks. I don’t know if they always send out the same one, or if I just received the same one by “coincidence” but I am still happy about free bookmarks and this one is super cute!

I don’t know what else to say, my experience with Wordery was great and I can only recommend it. I know that many people like BD, but sadly they seem unable to deliver properly to my address. I will definitely order from Wordery again, they have cheap books (sometimes books are more expensive than on BD, Amazon and co) but I guess that always depends on the book.

Overall I am extremely happy & hope my next purchase with them will go this smoothly as well!