*The YA Chronicles do not sponsor this post, I paid for the Box & everything I say is my own honest opinion*

Konnichiwa Dear Humans!

Today, I have ANOTHER Review/Unboxing of the YA Chronicles. The Ya Chronicles are a monthly Book subscription box & they are based in Australia. The March Box was my 3rd Box from TYAC. Previously, I have reviewed the December Box & The January Box. I skipped the February Box, because the theme (Rebel with a cause) implied, that the book would be Sci-Fi/Fantasy inspired and that’s just not my thing. So I skipped it 🙂 The March Box had the theme “Australia Made”, meaning The Book (or the Author) and all Goodies in the Box were from Australia (Australian Author, Australian suppliers). The theme was first announced as ” The Value of Friendship” when I first bought my box, but they later changed it to “Australia Made”. I didn’t mind that, even though I was looking forward to the Friendship Box. I had to skip the April Box simply because I couldn’t afford it this month. The theme was “Journal Junkie”. I’m hoping that the May Box will have a great theme!

But enough, with the talking, let’s get into the March Box!!

As usual, I will give you some facts about TYAC before I show you the photos & details:

  • The YA Chronicles are based in Australia
  • 1x Box costs $29,99 (AUD) (about 20€, 15GBP, 21USD)
  • Shipping depends on where you live
  • They ship worldwide
  • You can pay with PayPal
  • I paid 54.98 AUD (35€, 27GBP, 39USD)
  • 29,99 for the Box + 24,99 for Shipping to Germany
  • ( I think shipping took about 17 days)

I did enjoy this month box, I liked it better than the January Box. The March Box contained less goodies than my past 2 boxes, BUT (!!!) that was totally okay, since the goodies that were in the box were fab AND the Book was SIGNED and PERSONALIZED !!!

A few days after TYAC had announced they would change the theme of March, they posted that the book would be signed & personalized by the Author. How cool is that!?

Oh and please note that I only have a few pictures this time, I couldn’t take a picture of the actual Box, because custom clearance completely destroyed it. Plus Two “Advertising” Goodies (A poster) aren’t included, because I received the Box a few weeks ago & I can’t find the poster haha!

The Box contained:

  1. The Book “The Sidekicks” by Will KostakisI think I will really enjoy this book. I know some people I follow on Goodreads read & liked this book! Plus, Contemporary is my favorite Genre. YAY. PLUS IT’S SIIIIIGNED
  2. A Wooden Bookmark – I think this is super cool & I love the print!! So accurate, it says “Bibliophile     Noun: A person who collects or has a great love of books.
  3. 2 BookmarksOne Bookmark was the typical TYAC Bookmark that is included in every Box & The other one was a Bookmark with the Sidekicks cover on it (not in the photos, sorry)
  4. A Totebag I LOVE TOTEBAGS! And what I love even more are Bookish inspired Totebags!
  5. A PosterThere was a double-sided printed (!?!?!?!) Poster included. It was obvi for advertising. It was from a book series ( Betrothed Series by Wanda Wiltshire & another book series I have never heard of)

I really enjoyed this Box, It’s soooo cool that the book was signed & personalized. I just felt like the Advertising Poster was unnecessary.

I hoped you enjoyed reading & until next time!