Hello dear people of the Internet!

For those who have forgotten about me, I am Kira and I suck at blogging. I am truly sorry for being gone for so long but sadly life kinda suckerpunched me and it took me a while to get up again.

But now I am back and I will try my very best to blog again more regulary. Pinky promise.

This is just a short post to let you know what I have planned for my next posts. There is an unboxing/review coming your way, either today or tomorrow. It’ll be about a fabulous subscription box all the way from Japan, trust me, you wanna see that!

I also have another Book subscription Box coming my way, which should arrive in May:

Other than that, I have a few Book and Movie reviews planned and I will try to not keep you waiting for too long.

Thank you for reading my blog & Sayonara for now !