*Neko Box does not sponsor this post, I paid for the Box & everything I say is my honest opinion*

Hello lovely people! Today I have another Unboxing / Review for you: The April Box “Edo” from NekoBox. I reviewed their March Box a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely loved it, which is why I had to get this one as well.

Neko Box is a monthly subscription Box from Japan that delivers ceramics, dishware, stationery, art prints and other awesome things to your doorstep. The items that are being send to you are chosen based on a monthly theme. The March theme was “Hanami”, which is a Cherry Blossom Party, so we received items that were inspired by Cherry Blossoms. This month theme was “Edo”. Edo is the old name for Tokyo and it was also the period between 1603 and 1868 in the history of Japan. So patterns in this Box were inspired by this time period and the KAWA Zine focused on Tokyo.

But now, let’s get down to the facts:

  • Neko Box is based in Japan but ships worldwide
  • It’s a monthly box
  • A Box costs $34.99 (but you get $5 off your first order with the Code 5OFF!)
  • Shipping costs between $10 – $18 depending on where you live and if you choose normal or express shipping
  • It comes with a tracking number!
  • My Box was shipped on April 13 with express shipping & arrived on April 19
  • On the website you can only pay with Credit / Debit Card, but you can email them & then they send you a paypal invoice!

Again, the shipping was indeed really fast, things were wrapped very carefully and I had no problems with customs duty. My Box was shipped a few days late due to a simple mistake. If you are wondering why I am mentioning this, it’s not because I want to complain. It’s actually the opposite. I wanna praise their customer service, because mistakes happen. There are 2 people working behind the scenes of NekoBox, 2 humans, and mistakes happen. It just matters how you handle them, and they handled my delayed shipping perfectly fine. I messaged them, because I saw a few people saying their Boxes had been shipped and I was confused because I never got my tracking email. So I contacted them and they immediately checked it for me, confirmed that there had been a mistake and shipped it off early in the morning the next day. And that’s good customer service. So A+ for that!

But now let’s get back to the Box. I absolutely love it! I totally enjoy how last month everything was kinda pink-ish and this time things were mostly blue. Everything looks so pretty and lots of my friends were jealous when I sent them a picture (hehe).

Me when I opened the Box:


I have said it before and I will say it again: I AM OBSESSED WITH JAPAN AAAAAH.

Everything is awesome and pretty, I wanna cry. Here’s what’s inside:


  • Edo Pattern Plate (2 different designs)
  • 2x Ukiyo-e Postcards
  • Seigaiha Wave Print Cloth
  • Ceramic Windchimes (2 different designs)
  • Hammered metal spoon
  • KAWA Zine Issue 6

Total Retail Value: $69




So the Edo Pattern Plate was available in 2 designs (You just randomly receive one of them). It was available in a “leaf” and in a “wave” design, which were two of the most popular patterns during the Edo period. The Ceramic Windchime was also available in 2 designs, a goldfish or an owl. I received the owl and when they posted a sneak peek of the windchimes on their instagram, I commented that I love owls, so I don’t know if they put the owl one in my Box on purpose or if I was just really lucky, either way I am very very happy!

The Box is absolutely stunning, the colors and the patterns are so pretty and I think I have found my absolute favorite subscription Box of all time. Everything is very useful, either as decoration or as actual dishware and co. It’s a great mix of ceramics and art and I love the KAWA Zine (a mini travel magazine designed for Neko Box customers that guides you through a different city/part of Japan each month and tells you about a few cool spots) I know that once I will finally travel to Japan, I will take all the KAWA Zine’s with me! The two artprints / postcards are also incredibly beautiful and they make me wish I was talented like that….

This will definitely not be my last unboxing of the Neko Box (since I have already paid for the May Box “Buddha”) and I am just very happy and excited that I found this little company. My mom said that if I keep buying this Box for the next few years, I won’t even have to buy dishware once I move out. I can just use my NekoBox plates haha!

Also, if you like the content of the Box but are not a fan of subscription Boxes that don’t tell you a 100% what will be inside, they have a shop on their website where you can purchase single items! I am very eager to see what their future Boxes will contain, I just can’t wait!

But enough talking, here are my unboxing photos: