*Neko Box does not sponsor this post, I paid for the Box & everything I say is my honest opinion*

Good day people! What a surprise, I have another unboxing! *I spend too much money, I need help*. Today I am unboxing the May Box from Neko Box Japan! I have previously reviewed the March & April Box and I absolutely loved them. The May theme was “Buddha” and the Box did not disappoint.

Neko Box is a monthly subscription Box that sends you ceramics, dishware, stationery, art prints and and and and all the way from Japan . The items that are being send to you are chosen based on a monthly theme, this month it’s Buddha, and all the items are from local japanese shops.

Here are all the facts you need to know:

  • Neko Box is based in Japan but ships worldwide
  • It’s a monthly box
  • A Box costs $34.99 (but you get $5 off your first order with the Code 5OFF!)
  • Shipping costs between $10 – $18 depending on where you live and if you choose normal or express shipping
  • It comes with a tracking number!
  • My box usually arrives within 4-5 business days. ( I have express shipping)
  • On the website you can only pay with Credit / Debit Card, but you can email them & then they send you a paypal invoice!

I have to say, when I first got the Box I was in SHOCK. Because it arrived open. I have no idea if the post opened it, since I had the “cleared from customs” sticker they had no right to, or if it just opened while being transported, but I was so scared for a second. Thankfully everything was inside, nothing fell out (or was stolen) and nothing was damaged (Bless Neko Box for wrapping everything so well) . But I am keeping an eye on the german post people #Don’tMessWithMyJapanBox!

I am a huge fan of the Buddha Box. I am not a religious person, but if I was I would probably be a Buddhist. Because I can identify with it the most. I have a lot of Buddha figures in my room and a painting, so when the theme was announced I was like:


Everything that was inside really matched the theme, I am very very happy.



  • Setoyaki Ceramic Buddha
  • Wrapping Cloth
  • Kamakura Zen Coloring Book
  • Buddhist incense dish
  • Yuzu Incense
  • KAWA Zine Issue 7

Total Retail Value: $76



I noticed that so far (this is my third box) there has always been a cloth inside! (not a complaint, just an observation). So I am wondering if that is like that one item that is always inside no matter what. It’s super pretty though and I am using it for my table yay!

I am a big fan of this Box. The little Buddha figure is adorable and the incense smells SO GOOD. No kidding. It smells amazing. The smell reminds me of something, but I haven’t figured out yet what exactly it reminds me of. According to the card it smells like japanese citrus fruit. The Coloring Book is super cool, I love coloring books. They always relax me. The May KAWA Zine shows you around Kamakura this month, an acient city. The KAWA Zine is a mini travel magazine designed for Neko Box customers that guides you through a different city/part of Japan each month and tells you about a few cool spots and it’s super useful if you should ever visit Japan. A mini tour guide for every city.

On the one hand it’s super fun to receive this box every month, but on the other hand it’s also kinda depressing. It’s giving me insane Wanderlust and Fernweh feelings 😦 *Someone please sponsor me a trip to Japan pls pls pls*

I have already paid for the June Box “Vintage”, I can’t get enough of this Box. You have until May 21 to sign up for it, so grab it while you still can! Also, if you don’t like surprise subscription Boxes, Neko Box has a Shop where you can purchase single items, check it out!

But now let’s get to the photos. Thank you for reading!