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The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hellooooo Again!

I know I have been veeeeery inactive on my blog lately, but life happened and yeah 😀 Being an adult can be tough. Anyway. I was nominated by some Kelly or Kayleigh (or was it Susan? Don’t know that chick) to do the SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD. Thanks for the Nomination!

  1. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Nominate some wonderful bloggers and write 11 questions for them to answer.



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The Playlist Shuffle Tag


Thank you to the lovely Michelle for tagging me & sorry that it took me 17 years again to do this!! (I am really sorry that I always need so long to do the tags)


The Rules

Put your music on shuffle and list the first 15 songs to play (no cheating) then tag 10 others to do it as well. ( I won’t be tagging 10 people, it took me so long to do this & I have no clue who has already done this, sorry!)

So I will be using my iTunes for this tag, cause I barely have any music on my phone ( I have an iPhone aka Zero space, bye) and my MP3-Player from 1789 doesn’t have a shuffle hahahahahaha so yeah 😀

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Illumicrate February Box


*Illumicrate does not sponsor this post, I paid for the Box & everything I say is my own honest opinion, I received a 10% discount from Illumicrate in exchange for an HONEST review on my blog*

Hey Guys! As I promised in my “The YA Chronicles” Review Post yesterday, I have another Review for you today! Today I am showing you guys the “Illumicrate February Box”

Illumicrate is a quarterly book subscription Box (it comes in November, February, May & August) and it’s from the UK! This was my first box from them and let’s just say that I freaking LOVED it! Before I give you the basic facts about Illumicrate, I wanted to mention that you can pay with PayPal, but you have to email the owner Daphne for that! If you go to the checkout on the website, you will only be able to pay with a Credit/Debit Card. So since I don’t have one, I emailed Daphne & she sent me an Invoice via PayPal (Thank you sooo much for that!) and I am sure she will do that for you as well!

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The YA Chronicles January Box


*The YA Chronicles do not sponsor this post, I paid for the Box & everything I say is my own honest opinion*

Hello dear people!

Todaaaaaaay I have another Unboxing/Review for you! And it’s about ‘The YA Chronicles‘, a monthly book subscription box from Australia. I also unboxed & reviewed their December Box “Celebrate The Season”.

The theme of the January box was “Travel The World”. When I read the theme I KNEW that I had to have this box. Because Travelling the world is my freaking life goal (obvi).

Again, before I get into the photos & reviews, I will give you some quick facts about the YA Chronicles:

  • The YA Chronicles are based in Australia
  • 1x Box costs $29,99 (Australian Dollar) (about 20€, 15GBP, 21USD)
  • Shipping depends on where you live
  • They ship worldwide
  • You can pay with PayPal
  • They shipped this Box on january 25th
  • thanks to custom clearance it arrived on Feb 19
  • I paid 54.98 AUD (35€, 27GBP, 39USD)
  • 29,99 for the Box + 24,99 for Shipping to Germany

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A very Harry Birthday!

Hello People!

If you follow my blog or my Twitter, you may have noticed that I am a casual Harry Potter Fan!

So, I recently turned 19 (WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN) and I celebrated it with my Bestie Isi. And today I would like to show you some of my presents, which were mostly bookish or Harry Potter related.

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Totally Should’ve Book Tag

Hello Folks! Todaaaay I have another tag for you! I was tagged by Kayleigh to do the “Totally Should’ve Book tag” and I have a feeling that many of my answers will be similar to hers. I am tagging EVERYONE for this tag. So if you wanna do it, feel tagged.


1) A book that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE had a sequel

loveee.gifI am really bad at these tags. I can’t pick just ONE book. There should be a sequel to ‘Billy & Me’and to ‘Dream a little Dream’ by Giovanna Fletcher. I would also like to read a sequel to ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ (Yes I know there are two other books). Like a real Sequel. With only Anna & Étienne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t judge me, I have a crush on all three – Étienne, Billy & Brett. Sorry not Sorry.

2) A book/series that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE had a Spin-Off series

Harry Potter – Obvi.


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The Emoji Book Tag


Hey People! Today, I am doing the “Emoji Book Tag”. I was tagged by some ‘Kayleigh‘, whoever that Chick may be, I suppose she’s super awesome.

So if I got this right, I have to choose my 5 most-used emojis and then see which emoji fits to which book (!?).

So Let’s go!!

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A Blind Date With A Book

*Elizabeth’s Bookshop / Blind Date with a book do not sponsor this post. I paid for my books :)*

Hey Guuuuys! I actually wanted to write this post back in October, but then I decided not to. I will explain the reason for that in a second.

Today’s Post is about a Blind Date with a Book

I ordered my first blind dates ages ago, but I decided not to write about it until now. I actually wanted to have read at least one of the books before writing a review about this Service.

The title of this Service actually explains itself. You get a Book, but you don’t know which one. Because many people (and I am one of those people) judge books by their covers. If I don’t like a book cover, I sometimes don’t buy it. I’ve seen this a lot on Tumblr, which is why I decided to order from the store.

  • I ordered 2 blind dates on September 30 2015
  • They arrived on October 12 2015
  • BDWAB are based in Australia
  • I paid $50,20 AUD for 2 Books + Shipping to Germany
  • $50,20 AUD, 32€, 24GBP, 35USD
  • Shipping depends on where you live + which method you choose
  • I took the cheapest one, without tracking
  • I ordered one “normal” blind date & one “Completely” blind date

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The YA Chronicles vs Owlcrate

Hey Guys! This is the post in which I compare the December Boxes from Owlcrate & The YA Chronicles.

I won’t review the boxes in this post, because I already did that. Owlcrate Review YA Chronicles Review

I would just like to list some pro’s & con’s of both Services, for those people who would like to subscribe to one of them.

I heard about Owlcrate via BookTubers. Owlcrate is pretty popular and hyped and stuff, so I really wanted to try it. But unfortunatly, I don’t have a credit card, so I wasn’t able to get one of their boxes. So I googled other Book Subscription Boxes and I stumbled upon the new-ish YA Chronicles Box from Australia!

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